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Delfi - Lituania | Miércoles, 20. Enero 2016

Vladimiras Laučius on the failure of European liberal democracy

After attacks by migrants on women in Germany and Sweden, the right-wing conservative columnist Vladimiras Laučius predicts the end of liberal democracy in Europe on the online portal Delfi: "The events in Germany and Sweden are a disgrace for the West's entire policy - both on the right and on the left. It looks very much as if there is no longer either a true right that seeks to defend its culture from the barbarians or a true left that believes in social justice and not just Afghan mores. ... Liberal democracy - the political formula of our ruling class, as [Italian political scientist] Gaetano Mosca would say - is in crisis because it has become uninteresting for apolitical citizens. And the political class is veering in the direction of the one extreme, left-liberalism, synonymous with so-called political correctness. This, however, is not and can never be an authentic political formula for Western civilisation. It can only be a political aberration - like the behaviour of the police in Cologne, the lies of the media in Sweden and Germany, and the hypocrisy of the EU politicians."

» de toda la revista de prensa del Miércoles, 20. Enero 2016

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