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El País - España | Miércoles, 20. Enero 2016

Volunteer's death weakens trust in drug testing

In the French city of Rennes a man who had volunteered for a drug trial died after taking the pain-relief medication on Sunday, while other volunteers have been left with permanent brain damage. The case must be thoroughly investigated to prevent a major loss of trust in these necessary test procedures, the centre-left daily El País stresses: "What needs to be clarified now is whether this was an unexpected side-effect related to dose or whether the batch administered to the volunteers had somehow undergone alterations. Right now the case is the subject of medical and legal investigations. But in any case it is vital that the investigations be carried out with maximum transparency to ascertain whether negligence was the cause or whether this was an inevitable accident. Because public trust in clinical trials depends on it, and we can't afford to lose that trust."

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