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Le Monde - Francia | Martes, 19. Enero 2016

Hollande's education campaign the right course

French President François Hollande has come under fire for plans to fight unemployment with educational measures for 500,000 job seekers. For Yves Barou, chairman of the country's association for adult education, such criticism is the result of a typically French problem: "Everyone relies on education for himself and for his children! And many companies can't find people with the skills they need! ... Refusing those in difficulties the right to education is a form of French elitism based on disdain for implementation tasks and the rejection of professional careers for non-management staff.  … France's competitiveness depends on its ability to innovate in digital technology and the energy transition. For that we need entrepreneurs and engineers, but also specially trained technicians and experts."

» de toda la revista de prensa del Miércoles, 20. Enero 2016

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