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Wirtschaftsblatt - Austria | Martes, 19. Enero 2016

EU should issue refugee bonds

The budgets of those countries that are bearing the brunt of the burden in the refugee crisis are suffering, the liberal Business paper Wirtschaftsblatt stresses, proposing the introduction of "refugee peace bonds" as a solution: "The flood of refugees can hardly be controlled with money alone, but without money it will be even harder. In view of the lack of solidarity with countries like Germany or Austria what we need is a solution for the EU. ... It should simply borrow money from private investors who in any event are looking around desperately for somewhere to place their money. For 30 years the ESM bailout fund would currently only have to offer 1.6 percent interest per annum. But this burden would only be carried by countries that don't take in refugees. Of course the US could also participate - but on a no-interest basis and without refunds."

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