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Cumhuriyet - Turquía | Martes, 19. Enero 2016

Ankara should have cracked down on IS and PKK

According to media reports 961 foreign IS fighters were apprehended in Turkey in 2015. The current terrorism problem is the result of the ruling AKP government being too gentle on its opponents, the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet believes: "Just three years ago the AKP was on moderate terms with everyone: it was sitting down at the negotiation table with the PKK; it accepted it. … The IS was - carefully formulated - neither friend nor foe. Its fighters could receive medical treatment in Turkey and IS-affiliated groups were even free to hold meetings. … The moderate relations of yesterday have turned into all-out war today. Because the IS is at least as brutal and inhumane a terrorist organisation as the PKK. They use the same methods. ... The one organisation beheads people with swords, the other with bombs. Yesterday's moderate relations with the IS and PKK have paved the way for today's atrocities and chaos."

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