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Göteborgs-Posten - Suecia | Martes, 19. Enero 2016

Alice Teodorescu calls for a debate about men on the losing side

The debate about sexual attacks is helped neither by blaming them specifically on refugees nor by placing all men under suspicion, writes social commentator Alice Teodorescu in the liberal daily Göteborgs-Posten: "The most recent discussions of the attacks in Cologne and Stockholm have started an interesting debate about gender and norms, as well as winners and losers. Some say that the lowest common denominator is the sex of the perpetrators. Others stress that this is all about values and cultural background. But there's yet another aspect: even if most of those who grope women are men, that doesn't mean that most men go around harassing women. And the argument that women are groped and harassed all over the world doesn't mean that all cases of harassment have the same cause. Some assaults occur in harmony with the social and cultural context, others in violation of it. For that reason we have to ask how we can best deal with this specific group of men who are at risk of being excluded from society - both as job seekers and family founders."

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