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Lamentablemente, todavía no se encuentra disponible la traducción en española de este texto, por lo tanto, solamente podemos poner a su disposición la versión inglesa.

The Irish Independent - Irlanda | Domingo, 17. Enero 2016

Ridiculous contortions after Cologne attacks

Politicians simply don't want to accept the reality of what happened on New Year's Eve in Germany, columnist Ian O'Doherty writes in the conservative daily The Irish Independent: "Sooner or later, liberals were going to have to make a choice between which group was more protected - women, gays or Islam. We now know they chose Islam. What other group would have politicians doing such ridiculous cart wheels to avoid confronting the ugly truth? Mass male sexual violence against women is so prevalent in North African cultures that it even has its own name, 'taharrush'. So why were people surprised it happened? More pertinently, why did the very people who so love to condemn male violence remain so silent for so long about this latest outrage?"

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