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La Repubblica - Italia | Martes, 12. Enero 2016

Massimo Salvadori argues that the UK has sabotaged the EU right from the outset

The EU has failed and one member state in particular is to blame, writes political scientist Massimo L. Salvadori in the centre-left daily La Repubblica: "I believe it is not wrong to describe the UK's accession to the European Economic Community in 1975 as a strategic error which we are still paying for. Ever since then British politics has been inspired by the idea of sabotaging every attempt to form a common political government for the continent. The EU has grown but it lacks a core group that is strong enough to push the community towards federalism. … This union is more like a non-union: it does not have a common government, a common constitution, a currency that is used by all members, a central bank with the clout of the Federal Reserve, a foreign policy that takes precedent over national interests and it does not have a common defence mechanism. We have reached the point where the EU needs to be re-established. The initiative for this cannot only come from those in government. The citizens are called on now to decide whether they want to be truly European or to retreat into the citizenship of individual member states."

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