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Sme - Eslovaquia | Jueves, 22. Octubre 2015

Czech useful idiots singing Putin's song

The Alexandrov Ensemble, known formally as the Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army, is currently touring the Czech Republic, and several Czech artists are appearing on stage with it. Commentator Jindřich Šídlo takes a dim view of the Russians and their Czech guest stars in a commentary for the liberal daily Sme: "Anyone who protests at the tour is called a Russophobe and cultural moron. Guest star Helena Vondráčková has called us 'fools'. Culture is entirely independent of the circumstances in which it is presented, she says. Well, you know how it is: these stars that are smarter than all of us 'fools' have long known which way the wind is blowing. The crooner Karel Gott, for example, whom our most famous writer Milan Kundera once called a 'musical idiot'. And now the singer Luci Bílá has joined them too. A pity she doesn't sing the ensemble's biggest hit 'Respectable Men', which is dedicated to the occupiers of the Crimea. The Czech Republic will always have its fair share of useful musical idiots."

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