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De Volkskrant - Holanda | Martes, 29. Septiembre 2015

Share Rembrandt paintings with France

Two paintings by Rembrandt are causing tensions between France and the Netherlands. The Netherlands wants to buy both "wedding portraits" from the French Rothschild family for 160 million euros, but France wants to buy them jointly with the Netherlands. This is the better solution, the centre-left daily De Volkskrant concurs: "[French Minister of Culture Pellerin's] handling of the situation has given rise to misunderstandings and false hopes on the Dutch side. But in the meantime it has become clear that shared ownership of the Rembrandts is of great importance to the French. This is a bitter pill for the Netherlands to swallow, but it would be wise to oblige the French. A 'co-acquisition' fits in with the trend of museums exchanging exhibits. And in the end it also serves the Dutch interests: if France withdraws the export permit for the Rembrandts (the worst-case scenario), the Netherlands would be left empty-handed."

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