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The Daily Telegraph - Gran Bretaña | Miércoles, 16. Septiembre 2015

Britons need a better anthem

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to sing the British national anthem when he took part in a commemoration ceremony on Tuesday in London, for which he has been severely criticised. The conservative paper The Daily Telegraph, however, also has its problems with the song: "God Save the Queen doesn't talk about the country's people, their hopes and aspirations, as the best anthems do. It doesn't shout about a major historic triumph either, a moment the country stood firm, then use it as a way to inspire. It doesn't even say our hills look nice, which is surely the bare minimum requirement. Instead, all it says is we have a monarch and we would like her to reign for as long as possible. If it has any role to play today, it's simply to remind forgetful tourists that they should stop by Buckingham Palace before getting the flight home."

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