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Fakt - Polonia | Jueves, 19. Marzo 2015

Suit and tie suits John Paul II

The Polish Centre for Thought of John Paul II started an advertising campaign on Monday with images of the former pope dressed in a suit and looking as if he were running for president. The TV journalist Monika Olejnik praises the poster in a commentary for the conservative tabloid Fakt: "John Paul II is no different in this campaign from the pope he was in the past. There would only be cause for controversy if he were wearing a Dolce & Gabbana suit. But he's not. Nor do I have the impression that this image has offended anyone. He seems to be standing on a pedestal. And what's so bad about that? The people who created the image were no doubt trying to ask if we bring his teachings to bear in our daily lives. In that case I prefer an image like this to the ugly memorials you see so often in Poland."

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