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Politis - Chipre | Viernes, 6. Febrero 2015

Cypriots, keep your ties on!

MPs of the communist Progressive Party of Working People turned up for the visit of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Nicosia without ties. The liberal daily Politis sees this as a ridiculous attempt to imitate the Greek prime minister: "These politicians have also adopted a rhetoric against austerity policy: we want  to abandon the austerity dictates immediately, copy the Greek revolution, etc. But Tsipras has long stressed that he doesn't want any more confrontation with the European partners. Abandoning the austerity memorandum is just a fantasy in the heads of those who believe Greece has already done so. ... The fact that the politicians are taking off their ties in imitation of a politician who is now starting to see the reality of the situation is nothing but a political farce."

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