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Der Standard - Austria | Miércoles, 4. Noviembre 2015

Exodus to Europe: UK to blame for situation in Calais

A court in the city of Lille in northern France has ordered that living conditions at the refugee camp in Calais be improved. In the eyes of the centre-left daily Der Standard not France but the UK is to blame for the horrors of the 'Jungle' of Calais but the EU is refraining from criticising the latter: "The fact that this is not being criticised more strongly in continental Europe yet Hungary is being pilloried by the media has a political explanation: the EU doesn't want to give those who advocate a Brexit any more ammunition in the run-up to the referendum on whether the UK should stay in or leave the EU. However, this referendum should not have a blackmail effect. Membership of the community brings both advantages and obligations that must be in harmony with Europe's humanitarian values. The court ruling in France is a reminder of that simple fact - and not just for the French government."

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