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Lamentablemente, todavía no se encuentra disponible la traducción en española de este texto, por lo tanto, solamente podemos poner a su disposición la versión inglesa.

La Vanguardia - España | Jueves, 27. Agosto 2015

Merkel points the way for Europe

With her resolute action against xenophobia, Angela Merkel is demonstrating the kind of strong leadership that has been lacking in Europe, the conservative daily La Vanguardia writes in approval: "Only recently Merkel said that the Greek crisis and the euro crisis would be small problems compared to the migration crisis. There is no simple solution to this problem. But we must recognise that Merkel has acted swiftly and vigorously on this matter. This may be viewed as a demonstration of power, which is only natural given Germany's role as the most important and stable economy. But it also testifies to Merkel's faith in the European project and true commitment to humanitarian values. And that deserves our support."

» de toda la revista de prensa del Jueves, 27. Agosto 2015

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