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Kathimerini - Grecia | Miércoles, 7. Mayo 2014

Pantelis Boukalas on the war of words in the Ukraine crisis

The way terms like "pro-Russian" and "pro-European" are taken for granted in reporting on the Ukraine crisis is questionable to say the least, columnist Pantelis Boukalas comments in the conservative daily Kathimerini: "On the one side you have the 'pro-Western' and on the other the 'pro-Russian' forces. We hear and read this constantly. ... The government in Kiev calls the 'pro-Russian' forces 'terrorists', and refuses to recognise them because of their 'fascist' mentality. In the Western media, in turn, all the other forces are referred to as 'pro-Western'. Even the Nazis of the Right Sector group, who are not just the government's paramilitary wing but the real leaders in Ukraine. The West goes on protecting the Nazis, or at least doesn't directly attack them. After all, they belong to the 'pro-Western' camp, and so are by definition 'tolerant, democratic and civilised'. Because ultimately that's how we define our Western identity, right? But really, how 'pro-Western' is it to burn people? Or to beat them to death with clubs when they jump out of a window to escape a fire [in the union building in Odessa]?"

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