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Der Standard - Austria | Miércoles, 15. Enero 2014

Hollande not on a par with Blair or Schröder

A change of economic policy is far more difficult to push through in France than in Germany or the UK, the left-liberal daily Der Standard writes, and fears that François Hollande hasn't got what it takes: "The Socialist is becoming a social-liberal and taking the same path as Gerhard Schröder and Tony Blair, people are already saying in Paris. Really? François Hollande is a sincere politician who is at pains to remain consensual. But he has none of Blair's vision or Schröder's authority. And France isn't Germany or England, but an old nation in which the people defend their vested rights tooth and nail. Hollande's position is not enviable. If he really wants to reduce public spending, which it must be said lies at 56 percent of the GDP, he must scare off his own voters. But perhaps with his back to the wall he has no other choice. That would be hard for him - but good for France."

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