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La Stampa - Italia | Viernes, 20. Diciembre 2013

The Machiavelli of the third millenium

Putin is putting all his cunning into his political dealings, the liberal daily La Stampa writes: "Despite all the criticism, you've got to hand it to the former secret service agent for one thing. He's as clever as Machiavelli, as his latest manoeuvres demonstrate. The deft dribbling with which he slipped past Obama in the Syria conflict, using the Pope's initiative to cast himself as a man of peace while offering his vassal Assad protection and support; the arrogance with which he stations missiles on the border of Europe in retaliation to the planned US missile defence shield. ... And finally the finesse with which he reacted to the announcements that the French and US presidents would not attend the opening celebrations of the Olympic Games: instead of adopting a harsh tone, he confused his opponents by announcing clemency for the former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky."

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