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Helsingin Sanomat - Finlandia | Martes, 4. Junio 2013

Finland threatens net neutrality

The Finnish Communications Ministry is working out a law that could allow network operators to limit data flow for competing offers. Critics say this will compromise net neutrality. It would also harm the economy, the liberal daily Helsingin Sanomat warns: "If the data highway is bumpier for new players than for established ones, it will result in losses not only for consumers but also for the entire economy. The net operators' dilemma is understandable. Above all for mobile telephone networks, revenues from both telephone calls and text messages are shrinking. ... The ministry has repeatedly shown much understanding for both the manufacturers of devices and network operators. In Finland we used to have the healthy principle that the sale of telephones should not be coupled with network connections, so as not to confuse consumers. The sluggish start of the 3G market [third generation of mobile telephone standards] then persuaded the ministry to allow such tie-in sales. ... The time has now come to return to the clear principles of the past."

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