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Lamentablemente, todavía no se encuentra disponible la traducción en española de este texto, por lo tanto, solamente podemos poner a su disposición la versión inglesa.

Kathimerini - Grecia | Martes, 29. Enero 2013

Greek politicians make fools of themselves online

Greek politicians are increasingly using Facebook and Twitter. They only expose themselves by revealing such ambitions, the conservative daily Kathimerini believes: "Many of them are utterly mistaken in the belief that they are something between Heraclitus and Confucius and able to sum up great pieces of wisdom in 140 characters. ... Their lack of judgement prevents them from seeing that the Internet's most important feature is not the possibility of playing on words but its great data storage. This gives any halfway competent user the possibility to go back and re-examine the actions of a party leader, a would-be party leader or indeed any public figure. And if politicians get caught up in the cliché that their principles are 'unshakeable', people can mock them and point to quotes [still available online] in which politicians claim something different every time - always with the same passionate enthusiasm. ... This exposes the politicians for what they are: willing hostages of their own ambitions."

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