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Der Standard - Austria | Martes, 20. Noviembre 2012

French conservatives opt for populism

Jean-François Copé won the vote on Sunday to become the new leader of the conservative opposition party, the UMP, achieving a wafer-thin victory over his rival, ex-prime minister François Fillon. The left-liberal daily Der Standard laments that with this result populism has won out: "Above all the French Right still preserves this Bonapartistic warhorse policy. Nicolas Sarkozy also lived by it for five years. Copé is just as agile and quick-witted - and as prone to surprise attacks. Just as his role model once won over the UMP Copé is now also trying to climb the steps that lead to the Élysée Palace. The conservative, cautious Fillon, known for a strong sense of decency and initially the clear favourite in the polls, has been left behind. The classic Gaullist, with his social-liberal leanings, was practically overrun by Copé's aggressive election campaign, and in any case would have a hard time against Copé and Sarkozy, who no doubt now hopes for a comeback. The media populists, these modern-day Bonapartists, are setting the tone, and that is worrying."

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