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Kathimerini - Grecia | Jueves, 13. Septiembre 2012

Pantelis Boukalas on the vengeful god of debt

Columnist Pantelis Boukalas finds the way in which politicians and creditors talk of Greece's mountain of debt disconcerting. He writes in the conservative daily Kathimerini: "The debt was presented to us almost like a god that had supposedly protected us all and to whom we all had to pay tribute silently and without complaint. And now the troika represents this god on earth, and this god is turning out to be merciless, perhaps even evil and vengeful. Some of his apostles say that they pity us and that their 'heart bleeds' [a phrase used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in August] for us. But that is all, because the decision has already been made: we must be punished for all we have done so that we grow sensible and stop living our dissolute and parasitic lives. And our punishment will only end when not only our pockets, but also our souls are empty. When we are on our knees confessing that we have committed grave sins and that our mere existence was a crime."

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