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Lamentablemente, todavía no se encuentra disponible la traducción en española de este texto, por lo tanto, solamente podemos poner a su disposición la versión inglesa.

La Vanguardia - España | Viernes, 7. Septiembre 2012

When crisis countries break their word

ECB chief Draghi made clear on Thursday that the European Central Bank will only purchase the bonds of struggling countries that submit to the stringent controls of the European bailout fund. But what happens if states fail to fulfil their obligations is unclear, the liberal daily La Vanguardia notes: "There are important aspects to be clarified. For example the question of what happens with the ECB's purchases if a country that has benefited from them doesn't adhere to the terms. Or if it is incapable of normalising its financial situation. Draghi would then be obliged to close the tap (as he pledged yesterday), which would renew doubts about a collapse of the euro. Or he must relax the terms. This is a question that will have to be tackled later on once it's clear whether the ECB's plan will be enough to resolve the Eurozone crisis."

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