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Lamentablemente, todavía no se encuentra disponible la traducción en española de este texto, por lo tanto, solamente podemos poner a su disposición la versión inglesa.

Kathimerini - Grecia | Domingo, 3. Junio 2012

Europe still lacks common vision

In a pan-European appeal entitled We are all Greek Jews, prominent intellectuals have called attention to how right-wing populism is booming in a number of European countries, associating the phenomenon with the harsh austerity policy. The conservative daily Kathimerini doubts in its Sunday edition that the appeal will achieve anything: "Such slogans don't describe reality but rather a desire, a good intention: We declare that we want to be like others because these 'others' are mostly worse off than us because they are being persecuted or because they live under tough austerity programmes. … But the declaration of an intention, even if it is made publicly, is not that same as putting it into practice. … As the cure the intellectuals propose a European dream or a European vision. In the past decades it has become clear that such things are difficult to realise. The concept of a 'United States of Europe' will remain just a fiction for a long time to come."

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