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Duma - Bulgaria | Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bulgaria's politicians above the law

According to media reports, US President Barack Obama's uncle was arrested last Wednesday for drunk driving. That would never happen in Bulgaria, the socialist daily Duma complains: "Here it's enough just to be related to a member of parliament to be untouchable. As soon as someone comes to power in Bulgaria they feel invested with a mystical power that can override any law. ... This closed circle of relations and total unfairness is a symbol for everything that makes Bulgaria what it is today. Cronyism and nepotism without end. People come to power by chance for a short period of time, but behave as if the whole world revolved around them and as if they were no longer subject to rules or regulations. The result: a horrible feeling of chronic injustice, the lack of any ability to discriminate right from wrong and the distinction between here and there. Over there everyone has the chance of receiving fair treatment. But here it's the relatives that have the say."

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