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Gândul - Romania | Monday, July 25, 2011

Spain's job market too small for Romanians

Spain announced new labour market limitations for Romanian job seekers last week in a bid to reduce unemployment in Spain. At around 864,000 the Romanians are currently the largest immigrant group in Spain. The daily Gândul shows understanding for this closing of the labour market in times of crisis: "This regulation is not the product of xenophobia. Unlike Italy, where the immigrants are left to fend for themselves and are often perceived as a nuisance, the Spanish authorities have always taken a hands-on approach with the Romanians and other migrant workers. ... Because the crisis in Spain has become so serious there is now a lack of the jobs that the Spanish previously were glad to leave to the Romanians. The unemployment rate is alarmingly high at present. Those who can't find work in Spain now can pack their bags and head northwards. Southern France has become attractive not just for Romanian immigrants from Spain but also for the Spanish themselves."

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