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Público - Spain | Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ridiculous bishop no laughing matter

In a Boxing Day speech marking marking the religious festival of Christmas last Sunday the bishop of the Spanish city of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández González, warned that the Unesco organisation plans to turn half of the world's population into homosexuals. Writer Isaac Rosa doesn't know whether to laugh or cry in the leftist daily Público: "Like many anti-clericals, my first reaction when I hear about such nonsense from a bishop is to laugh and not take him seriously. ... I read about the bishop of Córdoba talking of a global conspiracy to turn us all into homosexuals and criticising the 'contraceptive mentality of our age' and I'm rolling around on the floor with laughter. ... But if you stop to think of the power, privileges and influence that the Catholic hierarchy possesses even in this day and age, and the way in which it operates as a lobby, integrating ultra-conservative groups that are very well organised and active, there's less to laugh about."

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