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Le Soir - Belgium | Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Scotland will give Flemish populists a boost

If Scotland does opt for independence from the UK on September 18 it could put wind in the sails of the right-wing populist N-VA, which wants to make Flanders an independent state, the liberal daily Le Soir fears: "Regardless of the outcome, it will have an impact on the Flemish and the Walloons. Certainly, a 'yes' would reinforce the conviction of the N-VA's leaders and the hardliners that independence is no longer a pipe dream but a real option that is drawing closer. It's interesting to observe how countries facing the threat of implosion always try to avoid that fate with the same strategy: Cameron, too, put all his eggs in one basket and promised additional powers - notably fiscal powers - if Scotland remained in the UK. ... More or less the same thing as the transfer of powers agreed on by [Belgian prime minister] Di Rupo and his Walloon allies to calm Flanders and take the wind from the N-VA's sails."

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