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Die Presse - Austria | Monday, June 23, 2014

No to horse trading backed by Europe's left

The socialist heads of state and government are demanding too high a price for supporting Jean-Claude Juncker, the left-liberal daily Die Presse believes: "François Hollande and above all Matteo Renzi want political compensation before they vote for Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission president. Specifically, they're after nothing less than (yet another) break with the stability pact. ... The much talked-about ruinous austerity is not really a consequence of the stability course. The difficult financial crises in Southern Europe were not triggered by the strict austerity or stability policy. Quite the opposite: they were caused by public and private financing on credit and absurd speculation. ... If Juncker and/or the Christian Democrats agree to such a horse trade, the EU may as well hand in its resignation. Because then it would be politically - and economically - unreliable."

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