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Jutarnji list - Croatia | Thursday, May 15, 2014

Europe's far-right populists lack common ground

The Eurosceptic alliance of Dutch politician Geert Wilders, which hopes to gain the status of a group in the European Parliament, could fail as a result of unbridgeable gaps between the right-wing populist parties in Western and Eastern Europe, the liberal daily Jutarnji List believes: "The only thing the right-wing extremist parties have in common is their hate tirades against foreigners and the EU. The biggest problem with a coalition is that the members of the far right in Eastern Europe are for the most part anti-Semitic, and always xeno- and homophobic. But Wilders, to their horror, is a declared atheist and a proponent of equal rights for homosexuals. ... In addition the campaigns of Farage, Le Pen and above all Wilders are based on the motto 'no to immigrants from Eastern Europe, who endanger our jobs'. That pretty much excludes any alliance with the far-right parties in Eastern Europe, like Jobbik in Hungary or Ataka in Bulgaria."

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