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Die Presse - Austria | Wednesday, May 14, 2014

For Wolfgang Böhm the EU election is about economic policy

The importance of the European elections cannot be stressed enough because they will decide Europe's future economic policy, writes Wolfgang Böhm, head of the Europe desk at the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse: "These elections will decide how the European Union, the largest economic community in the world, positions itself in a globalised world. How it keep its currency on a stable course, how it balances individuals and their rights as entrepreneurs, and how what is still a relatively high level of prosperity and social welfare can be maintained. ... It will decide the weighty question of whether financial markets can be regulated in such a way that they still function as an economic motor, as the Christian Democrats and Liberals say they should, or whether they must be completely reined in, as everyone from the Social Democrats to the Greens to the parties on the far left is demanding. It is about the fundamental decision of how liberal Europe's economic policy should be."

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