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Hotnews - Romania | Tuesday, May 13, 2014

European elections: Politicians not afraid of election boycotts

The Romanian Roșia Montană protest movement, which mobilised thousands of people against a gold mining project last year, is calling for a boycott of the European elections in protest against what it sees as the country's inept political class. News portal Hotnews doesn't believe boycotts are an effective instrument: "The number of non-voters is rising not just in Romania but all over Europe. The entire continent is experiencing a profound crisis in democracy in which the traditional parties are losing their legitimacy because they are elected by a minority while the majority no longer feels represented by them - with the result that it votes for pseudo alternatives or extremists to punish the fossilised system. ... But protesting through election boycotts is a totally useless gesture in a democracy. Not even the politicians will feel pressured by this or obliged to change anything."

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