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La Stampa - Italy | Monday, May 12, 2014

European elections: No one talking about foreign policy

The subject of foreign policy is absent from the campaign for the European elections, the liberal daily La Stampa complains: "No one talks about foreign policy, none of the candidates is offering discussions, limits, perspectives. ... The instrument that the Union gave itself four years ago to jointly pursue foreign policy goals, the European External Action Service (EEAS), is never even mentioned. ... But what credibility can Europe have as an international player if such an organ remains nothing more than an abbreviation, and is even excluded from the political debate when the citizens are called on to elect their representatives for the Parliament and indirectly the European Commission? ... This is truly paradoxical. At a time when borders are only theoretical owing to globalisation and when Europe, for economic and geopolitical reasons, can afford a self-centred vision even less than the US, the important opportunity to involve Europe's citizens in an open debate about the Union's role in the world is being missed."

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