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Libération - France | Sunday, May 4, 2014

European elections: Politicians must keep the dream of Europe alive

The left-liberal daily Libération has carried out a survey on the French people's attitude to Europe. The poll shows that a majority of French want their country to stay in the EU, but feel the Union should put more emphasis on social welfare. The paper sees this as a signal to politicians: "The results of the survey should prompt pro-Europeans on the left and the right to speak up once more and present clear alternatives: amend the liberal agenda that has held sway for so long, defend the federalist model and establish closer ties between Brussels and national governments. ... These are clear political propositions that will combat the rise of populism in Europe more effectively. Because the people have understood that the upcoming elections are much larger than what's at stake on a national level. That the European Union is not simply a deaf bureaucracy, but that the ties between the countries that make it up now play a decisive role. Politicians have the duty to keep the people's dream of Europe alive."

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