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Debate | 11/01/2008

The New Europe without Borders

by Hans-Jörg SchmidtThe New Europe without Borders

Visiting neighbours without border controls: On 21 December 2007 nine new states became part of the Schengen area – a step that has a very varied reception in different parts of Europe. » more

Background | 11/01/2008

Consequences of the Schengen enlargement

by Anita SzymborskaConsequences of the Schengen enlargement

For the citizens of the new member states, the Schengen enlargement comes with many positive effects. For their neighbours, however, it is a tremendous curtailing of their freedom of travel, with far-reaching consequences - even for the EU. Anita Szymborska offers a critical analysis. » more

From the press | 11/01/2008

Freedom versus Security?

The expansion of the Schengen area has not only brought new freedoms but also given rise to scepticism and fears about a lack of control and an increase in crime. » more

Links | 11/01/2008

Further Information

Here you will find links to reportage from areas affected by the Schengen expansion as well as to service websites and official documents concerning the Schengen Treaty. » more

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