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Welt am Sonntag - Germany | Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pope must uncover abuse in global Church

In the Netherlands an estimated ten to twenty thousand minors have been subjected to sexual abuse in Catholic establishments since 1945. This was the conclusion of the report released on Friday by the independent Deetman Commission, which investigated allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church on behalf of the Dutch Bishop's Conference.The conservative daily Die Welt am Sonntag is not surprised and demands not just words of contrition but also deeds from Pope Benedict XVI: "The pattern of abuse and cover-up has been uncovered everywhere where there have been independent enquiries: in the US, in Ireland, in Germany. Only the naive can believe that this pattern would not be uncovered everywhere where priests and nuns wield and continue to wield absolute power over children: in Italy, Spain and South America, for example. ... Benedict XVI has strongly condemned such abuse. But as his Church teaches, remorse without deeds is not enough. The Pope must take the initiative and uncover abuse in the global Church, so as not to make a laughing stock of his claim to be mankind's 'voice of moral reason'."

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