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Blog A Europa desalinhada - Portugal | Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crisis exacerbates trafficking in women

Social insecurity and poverty cause many women to fall prey to dubious promises of jobs or training in rich countries, where they are often forced into prostitution. Many campaigns against human trafficking have had no results worth mentioning, Petar Petrov writes in the blog A Europa desalinhada, and calls on the EU to do more: "The EU Parliament recently admitted that the Union's measures for fighting human trafficking are ineffectual. ... This area of the parallel economy has actually grown exponentially in recent years. Above all it is women who are affected, representing 80 percent of the 800,000 victims of human trafficking per year. The EU states have repeatedly been called on to shoulder more responsibility by offering victims financial help to return home or granting administrative protection when they want to remain in the EU. The women should also be told that it is in their interest to testify against their abductors. But then they must also be protected from reprisals."

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