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Dilema Veche - Romania | Friday, September 2, 2011

Crisis-ridden press goes tabloid

Whereas Europe's quality press deals in detail with big issues like the euro bailout and the future of the EU, in the throes of the media crisis the Romanian press is increasingly concentrating on tabloid-style topics, the weekly newspaper Dilema Veche writes: "Our media have never encouraged us to talk about ideas. Now they've given up altogether, because 'this is a crisis'. But the media landscape would presumably look the same even without the crisis. Over time, the commercial broadcasters have created a public with an incurable predilection gossip and sensational news items, audiences who find moral or intellectual issues simply a bore. The dailies are popular, and their online editions even more so: The 'Bisons' [news consumers] must be good and swallow what 'we' feed them. ... The new technologies are causing major problems for the press however, which has been far harder hit by the crisis than expected. ... Meanwhile the media companies are meeting the major challenges with the usual cheap solutions: ever more sensationalism and ever more 'popular television'. That may work for now, but it won't for long."

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