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Postimees - Estonia | Thursday, June 30, 2011

Estonia must combat prostitution

There should be more laws against prostitution in Estonia, the daily Postimees demands, and praises Sweden, where it is illegal to buy sexual services: "The myths that surround prostitution have remained the same even though the number of people who do not see the 'business with lust' as an acceptable activity is growing. This change in attitude is commendable, but further campaigns are needed. It's not enough to try and discourage women with warnings like 'you are sold like a doll'. It must be made clear that prostitution in most cases is not a 'free' decision but that prostitutes are always victims, and that to use their services is to exploit an unfortunate person - and this attitude doesn't come out of the blue. Sweden is one of the few rich countries to have defined prostitution as violence, and this is why buying sexual services is a punishable offence there. Twenty years of research and educational initiatives preceded this ban."

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