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Postimees - Estonia | Thursday, May 12, 2011

Europeans long for parochialism

The daily Postimees criticises the new border controls in Europe and the trend to provincialism: "That an increasing number of Europeans are sealing themselves off is more than just a simple reaction to culturally rooted conflicts or growing xenophobia. Schengen's opponents don't give a hoot about cultural or political peculiarities, they just want to make our expanding world smaller, more sealed off and supposedly safer. ... In Finland the True Finns are considered radical innovators in the sense that they are using their new-found strength to toss a wrench in the works of the politics of consensus. But in fact their policies have nothing new or radical about them; on the contrary: they're imbued with a longing for the past and old-fashioned parochialism, which is supposed to protect Finland not only from Europe and the globalised economy, but also from decadent art, Babylonian Babylonian confusion of languages and complex words."

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