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Sme - Slovakia | Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't sacrifice Schengen

Calls from Italy and France, among other countries, for a limitation of freedom of movement because of the refugees from North Africa are out of place, writes the liberal daily Sme: "If a situation were one day to arise in which Italy and France were faced with a true wave of refugees, the other Europeans would have to help. But this situation has not arisen. True, more refugees are coming to Italy than previously, but their numbers are limited to a couple of tens of thousands. The fact that Italy can't get things under control has nothing to do with an approaching Apocalypse, but with yet another failure on the part of this government, its politicians and authorities. ... The solution most certainly does not lie in questioning the freedom of movement in the Union, one of the basic advantages of European integration. ... That doesn't mean the Union shouldn't help individual countries like Italy or Malta. But at the same time it should do something for these refugees' countries of origin, so that they stay at home."

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