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La Repubblica - Italy | Sunday, May 1, 2011

Self-assured refugees a test for EU

The European Court of Justice has deprived Italy of the right to detain illegal immigrants if they resist deportation. The left-liberal daily La Repubblica welcomes the ruling and sees the new self-assurance of the refugees as a chance for Europe to make progress: "Among the stateless people a new political identity seems to have taken shape which has emerged from the gaps in the laws, the repression in their countries of origin and their illegality in the country of immigration. ... It is a stateless citizenship that is no longer based on institutional membership but on self-determination and the right to freedom. ... This poses a significant challenge to the progressive and democratic forces of Europe, for without doubt the justified calls for controlling the stream of immigrants must be brought into harmony with a project that confers on migrants the dignity of citizenship and gives them the right to protest and negotiate without being represented by a state. ... This is the basic prerequisite for the implementation of the idea of European political unity."

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