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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dominic Johnson on Europe's crisis of meaning

The European vision of the creation of a common will for the common good has proved a failure, writes Dominic Johnson in the left-leaning daily die tageszeitung, the most recent proof of this being the success of the right-wing populist True Finns in their opposition to the EU bailout package: "This form of populism is basically a healthy democratic reaction. Nevertheless it remains just that: a reaction. Whether it be Italy sending Tunisian refugees on to other countries, France deporting Bulgarian Roma, Germany deviating from European foreign policy in the UN Security Council or the UK blocking financial market regulation - none of these can be seen as formative moments in a common political project. Rather, these countries are cutting themselves off with an eye to upcoming elections. That this fundamentally democratic reflex is being viewed as populist, and so in some way objectionable, and that consequently the least scrupulous pied pipers are the first to discover and use it is a further indication of Europe's existential crisis. ... There seems to be little chance left of Europe forming a common will in a normal, no-hype, democratic way."

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