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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wave of refugees not just Italy's problem

The Schengen agreement has come under pressure after Italy handed out temporary visas to Tunisian refugees. France has already sent back a train carrying Tunisians and other European countries have announced tough action too. But the exodus of Tunisians is not a problem Italy should be left to deal with on its own, the daily De Volkskrant warns: "The Italians failed to consult their Schengen partners before handing out large numbers of temporary visas to refugees. Certainly they can be criticised for this, but the measure was not entirely without justification because their partners have been too quick to declare the influx of many thousands of Tunisians ... a purely 'Italian problem'. Things cannot stay this way. This is an Italian and European problem. The unpleasant affair shows once more how important change and the prospect of a better life is for North Africa. For effective control of Europe's borders simply won't be enough to stop the wave of immigration."

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