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Avvenire - Italy | Thursday, February 24, 2011

EU needs proper foreign policy

The US and Europe condemn the violence in Libya but they are still reluctant to impose sanctions. The international community cannot remain inactive, the Catholic daily Avvenire warns: "In Libya there is the danger that the people will be left to their own resources and become easy prey for jihadist groups. The country could turn into another Somalia. Or worse still, an Afghanistan in the Mediterranean region. ... A nightmare that threatens to provoke a massive flood of refugees. ... To put an end to the bloody tyrant's killing spree the West - and not just the West - must be prepared for anything, also for the humanitarian deployment of UN peacekeeping troops. But above all Europe must react. The Libyan crisis is an opportunity to finally lend substance to the charade we like to call European foreign policy and to give its representative, the unspeakable Baroness Ashton, a job that is worthy of the name."

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