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Contributors - Romania | Thursday, February 24, 2011

Romania criminalises prostitutes

The legal committee of the Romanian Senate unanimously rejected a bill on legalising prostitution on Wednesday, on the basis that such a law would run counter to the country's deeply rooted Orthodox beliefs. In her blog for the portal political scientist Victoria Stoica points out a double standard: "In capitalist society work means offering one's physical and intellectual services for money. While it's considered perfectly natural to sell one's thoughts or creativity to a multinational firm, a person who offers her entire body is considered scandalous and immoral. ... According to this world-view framed by moralistic but intolerant Church commandments, prostitutes are still treated as scapegoats: we call prostitution a sin and portray the women who engage in it as tainted. ... We blame prostitutes but excuse their customers, or in other words the rest of society."

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