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România Liberâ - Romania | Thursday, February 17, 2011

Legalise prostitution in Romania

The Romanian parliament has introduced a bill to legalise prostitution in the country. The initiative is opposed by the Church, which sees it as an attack on human dignity. But legalisation can also help fight crimes like human trafficking, writes the sociologist Mircea Kivu in the daily Romania Libera: "In general opponents of legalisation confuse moral or religious norms with the law. It is un-Christian to demand exorbitant interest rates or have extramarital affairs. But both are legal. For more than half a century prostitution has been punishable by law in Romania, but it has nevertheless continued to exist. ... However because it is unregulated it has had a series of 'side effects', such as the recruitment of under-aged girls, human trafficking, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping and rape. ... These are more despicable than prostitution itself. Legalisation would set limits and create the conditions for fighting these negative side-effects."

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