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La Repubblica - Italy | Thursday, September 7, 2006

The American battle against terrorism

As the anniversary of September 11th approaches, the American president George Bush has recognised for the first time the existence of secret CIA prisons and announced that he is going to reinforce the anti-terrorist struggle. The editorialist Vittorio Zucconi considers that these declarations have not appeared out of the blue. "The imminent fifth anniversary and the nightmare of a possible Republican defeat in November's Parliamentary elections have obligated George Bush to give up the mantra 'Trust me', and to place parliament, the media and the electorate before the responsibility of deciding which are the limits and the frontiers of the secret war that Washington is waging against Islamic terrorist organisations. ... This adds up to asking: Are you prepared to give up a bit of your freedom, to turn a blind eye to the sacredness of constitutional rights, in exchange for more security?"

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