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Newsmill - Sweden | Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweden's anti-prostitution laws have their limits

Sweden's Justice Minister Beatrice Ask has reignited the debate about the Swedish law that makes the purchase of sexual services a punishable offence. Ask wanted a tougher approach against offenders and announced an assessment of the law to this end. Stockholm-based public prosecutor Rolf Hillegren appeals for an objective examination of the law in his blog on the Newsmill portal: "It would be honourable and fitting if the inquiry had an open outcome and was without prerequisites. But the directive clearly calls for the purchase of sex to continue to be criminalised. Even though it is not known whether the law is having the desired effect, the inquiry committee is not allowed to propose that it be repealed. Of course it would be wonderful if there were no prostitution, but at the same time there are limits to what legislation can achieve. And the legislators should not get mixed up in everything."

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