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Le Temps - Switzerland | Thursday, June 8, 2006

Europe in the CIA's web

Editorialist Richard Werly denounces the way European countries have reacted to Dick Marty's report. "It's quite rich for the United Kingdom, Sweden, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Macedonia, Germany and Turkey ... to cry foul when their administrations all hermetically sealed the door of their national security secrets to the Swiss investigator. Their intelligence services, along with those of almost all their neighbours, nonetheless knew what was going on in their midst. ... Today's indignation is matched only by yesterday's complicity. So words get stuck in one's throat. That states should seek to protect their citizens, albeit by means of clandestine actions, is entirely normal. But that they should then go and claim they were 'maligned' because the truth emerges about the men who may have been tortured as a result of their decisions goes beyond cynicism. It is a state-sanctioned lie."

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